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Bai Tho cruise

Bai Tho Cruise

Bai Tho is a small resort of attractions afloat. Discover a new age of sail, where the traditions of the past are combined with the modern comforts and amenities of the present., Bai Tho offers both of Daily and Overnight Cruises


The Bai Tho doesn't just offer places to eat and drink - its facilities let you relax in almost any way you can think of.

Kayaking: Explore the bay's uninhabited islands and sea caverns

Special events: Traditional dances and musical performances, fashion shows, and other events may be arranged upon request.


The ship features a floating restaurants plus an outdoor Bai Tho. A pleasant ambiance, attentive staff and great views make our restaurant the perfect place to sample the exotic delights of Vietnamese cuisine. All dishes are prepared to please both the eye and the palate. Special BBQ dinners are served on the Sundeck on weekends, or upon a group's request.

The SunDeck

With its comfortable lounge chairs, fresh breeze and dazzling views, the Sundeck invites guests to lie back and relax. Featuring an impressive range of wine and an easy, relaxed ambiance, the Floating Bar is a delightful place to socialize and watch the sun sink behind the bay's myriad islands

Bai Tho Cruise Facts

Date Launched: 28/8/2007
Registry: Vietnam
Officers: Hanoi City
Crew: International
Complement: 8
Gross Tons: 686
Length (ft.): 116
Beam (ft.): 26
Passengers: 20
Stability Rating: Good to Excellent
Dinner Seatings: 2
Cuisine: Contemporary
Dress Code: Traditional
Room Service: Yes
Tipping: $5 PPPD, 5% automatically added to bar check
Spa: No
Massage: No
Bars/Lounges: 1
Shops: Yes
Laundry: Yes
Superior: 8
Singles Cabins: 2
Singles Surcharge: 116 - 200%


To complement the bay's natural beauty we have outfitted the cabins in natural materials: wood floors covered with sedge mats; walls covered with woven bamboo panels; and ceilings decorated with bamboo panels hand-painted with a baitho motif.

Superior rooms: 10
- Size: 14 sqm
- 02 single beds: 95 cm x 205 cm
- Air – conditioner
- with sea windows