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Emperor Tu Duc (1848-83) was a demanding diner who expected 50 dishes to be prepared To be prepared by 50 cooks to be served by 50 servants at every maeal, but Hue should be thankful as his legacy is some of the best food in Vietnam.Appearance is very important, not only in the use of colour and pres-entalion. but also in the style of serving. The menu for an imperial-style banquet today, whether in a Hue restaurant or hotel banquet room or even a private home. might include up to a dozen dishes. Hoi An is best known for CAU LAU (doughy Hat noodles mixed with croutons, bean sprouts and greens and topped off with pork slices). True cao lau can only be made from water drawn from the Ba Le Well. and (honest) you can taste the difference it someone tries to sneak a bastardised version by you.
No matter what part of the world you come from, if you travel much in Vieinam you are going to encounter food that to you might seem unusual. The fiercely omnivorous Vietnamese find nothing strange in eating insects, algae, offal or fish bladders. They’II feast on the flesh of dogs, they'll eat a crocodile, or a dish of cock's testicles. They’II kill a venomous snake before your eyes, cut out ITS still-beating heart, feed it to you with a cup of the serpent's blood to wash it down, and say it increases your potency. They’ll slay a monkey and men barbecue it at your tableside. To the Vietnamese there is nothing ‘ atrange' about anything that will sustain the body. They'll try anything once, even KFC. During your travel, avoid eating endangered species, as this will only further endangered them. If you are keen for some canine chow.,or keen to avoid it, look out for the words this cho in the north, thit cay in the south.
We Dare You' The Top Five
Crikets..... dog..... duck embryo.... field mouse........ king cobra.