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The good news is that there is now more choice than ever before when it comes to vegetarian dining. The bad news is that you have not landed in Veg Heaven, for the Vietnamese are voracious omnivores. While they dearly love their veggies, they also dearly love anything that crawls on the ground, swims in the sea or flies in the air. In keeping with Buddhist precepts, main restaurants go veggie on the 1st and 15th of each lunar month, and tins is a great time to scour the markets. Otherwise, be wan. Am dish o5 vegetables is likely to have been cooked with Fish sauce or shrimp Pasic. If you're vegan, you've got a bigger challenge. 'Mock meat' restaurants are an exquisite experience for those who want to remain true to their vegetarian principles, hut secretly miss their bacon sandwiches. Found all throughout Vietnam, these restaurants use tofu and pulses to cook up magic meat-like dishes that even the most hardened carnivores enjoy. These restaurants are known as com chay (vegetarian restaurant) and serve such dishes as dau phu/tau hu kho (braised tofu – North/South)