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Whatever your taste, one eatery or another in Vietnam is almost certain to offer it. be it the humble peddler with his yoke. a roadside stall ,a simple pho shop or a fancy-pants restaurant. Barbecue is a speciality and many such restaurants are easy to locale by the aroma wafting though the streets. Also popular is the dish known as bo bay mon. which is beef prepared in seven different ways - a good feed when you're feeling protein-impaired. Don't neglect the remaining French and Chinese restaurants. They are not as common as they used to be. but they are an important part of Vietnam's culinary and cultural legacy. And they have now been supplemented by Indian, Italian. Turkish and Thai restaurants. as the cities of Vietnam boast truly international cuisine. There are offen no set hours for places to cat. but as a general rule of thumb, cafes are open most of the day and into the night. Street stalls are open from very early in the morning until late at night. Restaurants usually open for lunch (between 11 am and 2pm). and dinner (betwwen 5pm or 6pm and 10pm 10pm or 11pm),