Central Highands

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pop 136,000
The unassuming town of Bao Loc has a large hill-tribe population. Tea and silk (and the cul-tivation of the mulberry leaves that make up the silkworms' diet) are the major local industries, and free samples of the local tea can be had at a couple of the roadside rest stops in town. There are also a few guesthouses here, making it a practical place to break the journey between HCMC (180km) and Dalat (118km). Nearby Dambri Falls (admission 10,000d) is ONE- of the highest (90m), most magnificent and easily accessible waterfalls in Vietnam. The views are positively breathtaking - the steep walk up the path to the top of the falls will almost certainly take your breath away (unless you opt to ride the cable car for 5000d). If you continue walking upstream from the top of the falls you reach Monkey Island, a minizoo filled with monkeys and reindeer living at the usual captive standard (ie poor) of Vietnam. While it's best to avoid the zoo, the Dambri Restaurant, which adjoins the car park, is cheap and good. To reach Dambri Falls, turn off the main highway north of Bao Loc and follow the road for 18km through tea and mulberry planta┬Čtions. The high peak to your right is May Bay Mountain.