Central Vietnam

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Quang Tri was once an important citadel city-In the spring of 1972 four divisions of North Vietnamese regulars, backed by tanks, artillery and rockets, poured across the DMZ in to Quang Tri province in what became known as the Eastertide Offensive. They laid siege to Quang Tri town. shelling it heavily before capturing it along with the rest of the province. During the next four months the city was almost completely obliterated by South Vietnamese artillery and carpet bombing by US fighter-bombers and B-52s. The South Vietnamese army suffered 5000 casualties in the rubble-to-rubble fighting to retake the city. Today there is little to see except a few remains of the moat, ramparts and gates of the Citadel, which once served as a South Vietnamese army headquarters. The remnants are 1.6km north from Hwy 1A. Along Hwy 1A, on the Hue side of Quang Tri, is the skeleton of a church chillingly scarred with bullet holes and mortar shells. The bus station (Đ Tran Hung Dao) is about 1 km from Hwy 1A, but buses can just as easily be flagged down on the side of the road.