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Electricity The usual voltage is 220V, 50 cycles, but sometimes you encounter 110V, also at 50 cycles, just to confuse things. Electrical sockets are usually two-pin. Laundry Most guesthouses and hotels have cheap laundry services, but check it has a dryer if the weather is bad. There are dry-cleaning outlets in every town. Washing powder is cheap and readily available. Newspapers & Magazines Vietnam News and the Saigon Times are popular English-language dailies. Good magazines include the Vietnam Economic Times, plus its listings mag, the Guide, and the Vietnam Investment Review. Radio & TV Voice of Vietnam hogs the airwaves all day and is pumped through loudspeakers in many smaller towns. There are several TV channels and a steady diet of satellite stuff. Weights & Measures The Vietnamese use the metric system for everything except precious metals and gems, where they follow the Chinese system.