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Travel, Widely, Tread Lightly, Give Sustainably the Vietnam Travel Guide Foundation

The Vietnam Travel Guide Foundation proudlys nimble nonprofit institutions working for change in the world. Each year the foundation donates 5% of Vietnam Travel Guide Company profits to projects selected by staff ans authors. Our partners range from Cambodia, which provides small nonprofits, which supports girls at risk of falling victim to sex traffickers. Our nonprofit partners are linked by a grass - roots approach to the areas of health, education or sustainable tourism. Many - children in the forested areas of Indochina - choose to focus on women and children as one of the most effective ways to support the whole communrity. Sometimes foundation assistance is as simple as restoring tourists to the area and its restoration has greatly improved options for local people. Just as travel is often about learing to see with new eyes, so many of the groups we work with aim to change the way people see themselves and the future for their childen and communities.