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Filmmakers have found a rich vein of mater ial In the tales of Vietnamese history, and fore ign and local d irectors have tapped It well. There are some moody, atmospheric movies set in a time before the torment, a whole host of films dea ling with the American experience in Vietnam, and some that deal with both Americans and Vietnamese coming to terms with life after so much death.
1 _Apocalyp se Now (1979) Director: Francis Ford Coppola
2 _Born on the Fourth of July ( 1989) Director -Oliver Stone
3 _Cyclo (1995) Director: Tran Anh Hung
4 _The Deer Hunter (1978) Director: Michael Cimino
5 _Heaven and Earth ( 1993) Director; Oliver Stone
6 _The Lover (1992) Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
7 _Platoon (1986) Director: Ol iver Stone
8 _The Qu iet American (2002) Director: Phillip Noyce
9 _The Scent of Green Pap aya (1992) Director: Tran Anh Hung