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Vietnam: A Traveler’s Literary Companion (1996), edited by Nguyen Qui Doc, is an engaging collection of stories by various Vietnamese writers, ranging from folklore and the tragedy of war to love and family ties, all set against evocative backdrops from Hanoi to Dalat. Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind and Spirit (2003), edited by Nguyen Van Huy, is a beautifully shot photographic journey that gets to the heart of Vietnam. It's put together by locals and residents of Vietnam and offers an intimate portrait of the country today. Fragrant Palm Leaves (1998) is a remarkable, poetic collection of journal entries by Zen monk and peace crusader Thich Nhat Hanh, written in Vietnam and the USA during the 1960s. As the American War in Vietnam rages on, he tries to make sense of it all, and there are some vivid scenes from South Vietnam in the 1960s. Sparring with Charlie: Motor biking down the Ho Chi Minh Trail (1996), by Christopher Hunt, is a light-hearted travelogue about modern Vietnam that takes the reader off the tourist trail and into some less-travelled parts of the country.