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Travel is not just about visiting . It's about experiencing. It's not enough to tick off the sights and charge down the coast between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Try to get beneath the skin of the country: this can take many shapes or forms. It m ight be a culinary adventure or a walk on the wild side. It could be a
cultural encounter or perhaps spiritual enlightenment. It could be you.
1_ Count the number of locals crammed on to one motorbike in the countryside
2_Get the measure of a tailor, the only time you want to be stitched up in Vietnam
3 _Haggle with a cycle driver about the price before enjoying the ride
4_Cross the road like a local in a busy city
5_Meet the minorities, a multicolored mosaic of mounta in people
6_Play from phonetram ( 100%) or bottoms up with the locals in a backstreet bar
7_See the sunrise over the South China Sea from a beautiful beach
8_ Slurp a steaming bowl of pho at a street stall
9_Take some time out in a temple, the spiritual sanctuary of the Vietnamese
10_Turn down the volume and drift down a river by sampan