The early days - 1000 years of chinese domination- Liberation from china - China bites back - Le lo enters the scene - The coming of the europeans - Lording it over the people - Tay son rebrllion - The last of the nguyens - The french takeover - Independence aspiration - WWII breaks out - A false dawn - War with the french - A separate south vietnam - A new north vietnam - The north south war - Enter the cavalry - The turing point - Nixon his doctrine- Other foreign involvement - The fall of the south - Reunification of vietnam - Opening the door - Vietnam today


The Geneva Accords allowed the leadership of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to return to Hanoi and assert control of all territory north of the 17th Parallel. The new government immediately set out to eliminate those elements of the population that threatened its power. Tens of thousands of ’ landlords', some with only tiny holdings, w ere denounced to 's ecurity committ ees ' by envious neighbors and arrested. Hasty 'trials' resulted in between 10,000 and 15,000 executions and the imprisonmen t of thousands more. In 1956, the party, faced with widespread rural unrest, r ecognized that things had got out of control and began a Campaign for the Rectifica­tion of Errors.