The early days - 1000 years of chinese domination- Liberation from china - China bites back - Le lo enters the scene - The coming of the europeans - Lording it over the people - Tay son rebrllion - The last of the nguyens - The french takeover - Independence aspiration - WWII breaks out - A false dawn - War with the french - A separate south vietnam - A new north vietnam - The north south war - Enter the cavalry - The turing point - Nixon his doctrine- Other foreign involvement - The fall of the south - Reunification of vietnam - Opening the door - Vietnam today


When France fell to Nazi Germany in 1940, the Indochinese was spared the ravages of Japanese occupation and things continued much as normal. However, as WWII drew to a close, Japanese rice requisitions, in combination with floods and breaches in the dikes, caused a horrific famine in which two million of North Vietnam's 10 million people starved to death. The only forces opposed to both the French and Japanese presence in Viet­nam were the Viet Minh and Ho Chi Minh received assistance from the US government during this p eriod. As events unfolded in Europe, the Fr ench and Japanese fell out and the Viet Minh saw its opportunity to strike.