Ho Chi Minh City

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HCMC is the most theft-ridden city in Vietnam; don't become a statistic. For advice on how to avoid street crime. Be especially careful along the Saigon riverfront, where motorbike "cowboys' operate.
One of the more common rip-offs in HCMC. involves cyclo drivers demanding exorbitant sums at the end of a tour. Rather than hopping blithely info the .seat when the driver smilingly says, 'Price up to you,' clearly negotiate a fair price up front (consider 100,000/200.000d for a half day/full-day tour). If more than one person is travelling make sure you're negotiating the price for both and not a per passenger fee. It sometimes pays to sketch out numbers out pictures with pen and paper so all parties agree. Unfortunately, 'misunderstandings' do happen; unless the cyclo driver has pedalled you to the 21 districts of HCMC, US$25 i.s not the going rate. That said, don't just assume the driver is trying to bamboozle you. It's a tough living, especially as the city government tries to phase out the cyclos entirely. It you've had a particn larly great guide and ride, tip generously