Ho Chi Minh City

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Hanoi may have more lakes and colonial charm, but HCMC is the reigning culinary king of Vietnam. Restaurants here range from dirt-cheap sidewalk stalls to atmospheric villas, each serving a unique interpretation of Vietnamese decadence. Besides brilliant regional fare, Saigon offers a smattering of world cuisine, with Indian, Japanese, Thai, French, Italian and East-West fusions well represented. Good foodie neighbourhoods include the Dong Khoi area, with a high density of top-quality restaurants, as well as nearby District 3. Pham Ngu Lao's eateries, attempting to satisfy every possible culinary whim, are generally less impressive. Chinese fare rules Cholon, though restaurants here can seem sparser than pagodas on a casual stroll through the area. Local Vietnamese restaurants open from 6am to 9pm; gourmet and international restaurants from 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 11pm; street stalls keep all hours; and markets are open from 6.30am to 5.30pm. English menus are common.
Nam Giao (136/15 Đ Le Thanh Ton; mains 10,000-15,000d; (lunch & dinner) Tucked away in an alley of cosmetic shops near Ben Thanh Market, Nam Giao serves superb Hue-style mains and is always packed with locals. There's a simple photo menu.
Our pick Quan An Ngon ( 138 Đ Nam Ky Khoi Nghia; mains 17,000-60,000d; lunch & din-ner. This highly recommended place is where to go for an excellent selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes. Surrounding the garden-style patio is a ring of cooks at individual stations, mixing up their nicely spiced creations in the open air. Take a stroll before ordering, and let your instincts be your guide.
Pho 0so (37 Đ Dong Khoi; mains 18,000-80,000d; (lunch & dinner) This tiny noodle shop serves delectable bowls of pho amid a cosy setting packed with wooden carvings and antique curios. And remember the Oso mantra: "no delicious, no pay'.
Banh Xeo 46A ( 46A Đ Dinh Cong Trang; mains 20,000-30,000; (breakfast, lunch & dinner) Banh xeo, the Vietnamese rice-four crepe .stuffed with bean sprouts, prawns and pork (there's also a vegetarian version), has been known to induce swoons of gastronomic delight among certain visitors. Come here to try some of the best banh xeo in HCMC.
Pho 24 (271 B Pham Ngu Lao; mains 24,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) Yeah, it's part of a chain, but this polished noodle shop serves fantastic bowls of high-quality pho - along with fresh juices and spring rolls. Visit the website for other Pho 24 locations.
Bia Tuoi Pacific (15 Đ Le Than Ton; mains 35,000-60,000d; (lunch & dinner) Tucked down an alley, this spacious traditional eatery overlooks several other similar restaurants. Snag a table on the terrace and enjoy fresh crab - one of many seafood specialities.
Restaurant 31 (31 Đ ly Tu Trong; (lunch & dinner) This popular outdoor eatery in the city centre serves tasty Vietnamese barbecue. The house speciality is tender marinated beef (30,000d) that you grill over charcoal right at your table. It's served with salad. There are also good seafood dishes on the menu and the cheerful staff speak English.
Cafe Zoom (169A Đ De Tham; mains 32,000d;(breakfast, lunch & dinner) This buzzy little place has lots of Vespa style and serves Vietnamese and foreign fare to an equally eclectic crowd.
Gourmet Vietnamese
Compared to what you would pay for fine Vietnamese food abroad, HCMC's better Vietnamese restaurants are a bargain. It's possible to eat like royalty in a lavish restaurant for around US$10 lor lunch - or US$25 for dinner - per person. Those with a mind tor design shouldn't miss the colourful indigenous decor at many of the better places.
Lemon Grass (4 Đ Nguyen Thiep; mains 50,000-70,000; (lunch & dinner) Despite the simple decor, this is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the city centre, and you can't go wrong no matter what you order. Reservations essential.
Mandarine (11A Đ Ngo Van Nam; mains 60,000; ( lunch & dinner) The fine. -selection of traditional dishes on offer draws from southern, centra! and northern cooking styles. The food is superb, and the pleasant decor and traditional music performances make it an all-round good bet. A house speciality worth trying is the Hanoi-style cha ca (filleted fish slices grilled over charcoal).
Hoi An ( 11 Đ Le Thanh Ton; maim 70,000-120,000d; (lunch & dinner) ) just down the street from Mandarine - and run by the same people - is this lovely, Chinese style place decorated in a classical, antique motif. Hoi An specialises in central Vietnamese and imperial Hue-style dishes, and has the heaviest wooden chairs in Vietnam!
Our pick Temple Club ( 29 Đ Ton That Thiep; mains 70,000-130,000d; (lunch & dinner). On the second floor of a beautifully restored colonial villa. Temple Club serves delectable Vietnamese plates (such as fish with tamarind or shrimp in coconut milk) and an assort ment of fresh salads. Handsome tile floors and elaborate woodwork set the scene. A comfy lounge for drinks adjoins the space.
Nam Phan (64 Đ Than Ton; mains 80,000-140,000d; (lunch & dinner) The location in a handsomely restored mansion fronted by an idyllic courtyard sets the scene for excellent traditional fare. Service is sometimes hit or miss.
Our pick Sesame ( 153 Đ Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Binh Thanh district; set meals 90,000-120,000d; 11.30am-2pm Tue-Fri & 7-10pm Fri & Sat) A hospitality training school for disadvantaged children, Sesame was set up by the French NGO Triangle Generation Humanitaire. Outside on the flagstone patio, bamboo-strip tables await, adorned with candles and fresh flowers. The butter-yellow walls in the dining room are brightly inviting as well. French-Vietnamese dishes made with fresh local ingredients are delicious and beautifully presented, and the sweet staff are eager to please.
Xu (1st fl, 75 Đ Hai Ba Trung;mains 90,000-200,000; ( lunch & dinner) New in 2006, Xu is a stylishly set dining room that serves up imaginative - and highly successful - Vietnamese dishes. The menu features delicately prepared seafood and grilled meats prepared with a rich mixture of spices. The 95,000d three-course lunch is a particularly good value.
Tib Restaurant (187 ĐL Hai Ba Trung, District 3; mains around 100,000d; (lunch & dinner) Housed in a Sine-French villa down a quiet alleyway, Tib docs impressive Hue-style dishes and a mean jackfruit salad with grilled sesame. It otters a tasty variety of vegetarian specialities as well.
Nam Kha (46 Đ Dong Khoi, mains around US$10; (lunch & dinner) The unique selling here consists of a reflecting pool in the middle of the restaurant flanked by gold-leaf - covered pillars, with tables scattered around the outside. Savoury Vietnamese dishes match the unique setting.
Other Asian
Indian canteen (66 Đ Dong Du;dishes 7000d) For really cheap Indian food, seek out this atmospheric, cult-like place behind the Saigon Central Mosque, The fish curry (21,000d) is lovely. Meals come with free iced tea and bananas.
Giang Nam ( cnr Đ Tan Hang & Tan Da Đ Hai;mains 15,000d; lunch) A hole-in-the-wall diner that's famous for its noodle soups. There's no menu and only one or two dishes a day.
My Huong (131 Đ Nguyen Tri Phuong: mains 20,000-40,000d; lunch & dinner) This is a highly popular indoor-outdoor restaurant serving up all kinds of good food, inclucling superb noodle soup with duck.
Mi Nhat So 1 (8A/5D2 ĐThai Van Lung.-ramen 30,000-42,000d;11.30-2am) This trad-itional ramen shop serves tasty bowls of the Japanese noodles. Seating is around the small wooden counter.
Sushi Bar (2 Đ Le Thanh Ton; sushi 45,000d; lunch & dinner) Bristling with life, this sushi bar is usually packed with Japanese and has a fun view of a frenzied intersection. The restaurant delivers around HCMC until 10pm.
Our pick Tandoor (103 Đ Vo Van Tan, District 3; set lunch 58,000d; lunch & dinner) Tandoor serves outstanding North Indian food, and the set lunch is particularly good value. Delivery available.
Tiem An Nam Long (47 Đ Pham Dinh Ho; mains US$2; lunch & dinner) Near the Binh Tay Market, Tiern An Nam Long has earned many fans for its tasty wok-fried dishes. There's open-air seating and an English menu with no prices, but everything is cheap
Urvashi ( 27 Đ Hai Trieu; set lunch US$3-4; lunch & dinner) Serving some of the best Indian food in District 1, Urvashi prepares a variety of Indian cooking styles and the thali lunch is a guaranteed filler.
Other options:
Akatonbo ( 36-38 ĐL Hai Ba Trung; mains 60,000d; lunch & dinner) Excellent Japanese food and a picture menu.
Ashoka (8ell23 1372; 17A/10 Đ Le Thanh Ton; mains 25,000d; lunch & dinner) Moderately priced Indian place, with a lunch buffet and halal food.
Com Ga Dong Nguyen (tell: 855 7662; 87-91 Đ Chau Van Liem; mains 15,000-30,000d; (lunch & dinner) Specialises in tasty roast chicken with rice (com ga).
Encore Angkor Plus (Tell: 829 8814; 28 Đ Ngo Van Nam; mains 35,000d; lunch & dinner) Excel¬lent Krimer food in a peaceful setting. Hakata (Tell: 827 5177; 26 Đ Thi Sach; meals 90,000d; ( lunch & dinner) Some of the best Japanese fare in town.
Hong Phat (Tell:856 7172; 206 Đ Hai Thuong Lan Ong; mains 20,000-30,000d; ( lunch & dinner) Serves delicious noodle soup with port.
HCMC has a fine selection of French restaurants, from the casual bistro to ihe exquisite dining room.
L'Etoile (Tell:829 7939; 180 Đ Hai Ba Trung; set meals 15,000d; lunch & dinner) This restaurant serves terrific French food and it all-day ‘fast food' menu is good value. A set meal could be roast chicken with a choice of five sauces, a minisalad and baguette.
Le Jardin (Tell: 825 8465; 31 Đ Thai Van lung;mains 35,000-55,000d;lunch & dinner) The charming little bistro has a shaded terrace cafe in the front garden - it's a popular hang-out for local French expats.
La Nicoise (Tell: 822 8613; 42 Đ Ngo Duc Ke; mains 42,000-90,000d; lunch & dinner Mon-Sat, lunch Sun) This tiny French bistro has just a handful of (mosaic-covered) tables, spilling onto the sidewalk. But it's worth squeezing in for the nicely turned out dishes and changing daily specials (like ravioli with smoked salmon).
Augustin (Tell: 8292941; 10 Đ Nguyen Thiep; mains 60,000d; lunch & dinner Mon-Sat) Many consider Augustin the city's best casual French restaurant. It serves tasty batro-style food.
Bi Bi (Tell: 829 5783; 8A/8D2 Đ Thai Van Lung;mains 120,000-160,000d;lunch & dinner) The bright Mediterranean decor at Bi Bi creates a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying casual French bistro fare.
LaFourchette (tell: 829 8143; 9 Đ Ngo Duc Ke; mains USS7; lunch & dinner) An excellent choice, right in the city centre. La Fourchette serves authentic French food.
Camargue (Tell: 824 3148; 16 Đ Cao Ba Quat;mains DS$15; lunch & dinner) Housed in a beautiful restored villa with an open-air terrace, Camargue is also home to trendy Vasco's bar. The menu includes a variety of gourmet dishes complemented by a well-appointed wine list.
Au Manoir de Khai ( 251 Đ Dien Bien Phu; set lunch/din¬ner from US$20/45;lunch & dinner) This five-star French restaurant is set in a picturesque villa with a lush courtyard and a lavish interior. It was opened by the Vietnamese fashion guru Khai (the brains behind Khai Silk and a string of other superb restaurants and hotels in Vietnam).
Le Bordeaux (Tell: 899 9831; 7-8 Đ D2, Binh Than district; mains 150,000-300,000d;lunch & din-ner) For a decadent meal with a five-star price tag, Le Bordeaux is the place to go. The city's best French restaurant serves delicate scallops, mouth-watering sea bass and other perfectly prepared dishes. It's a few kilometres north of the centre, so reserve before you taxi out
International Cuisine
Western backpackers tend to easily outnumber the Vietnamese on Đ Pham Ngu Lao and Đ De Tham, which is the axis of HCMC's budget-eatery haven; indeed, the locals have trouble figuring out the menus (banana muesli does not translate well into Vietnamese).
ABC Restaurant (Tell:823 0388; 172H Đ Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3; mains 25.000-50.000d; A trendy joint for tasty late-night chow, ABC has indoor and outdoor seating and an extensive menu - from noodle soup and fresh seafood to juicy steaks.
Asian Kitchen (Tell: 836 7397; 185/22 Đ Pham Ngu Lao; mains 30,000; breakfast, lunch & din-ner) This small, bamboo-walled eatery serves tasty dishes of Indian, Japanese and vegetarian provenance. There are a few al-fresco tables on the mosaic patio in front.
Mogambo (Tell: 825 1311; 20B Đ Thi Sach; mains 30,000-50,000d; iS lunch & dinner) Noted for its Polynesian decor and juicy burgers, Mogambo is a restaurant, pub and hotel.
Skewers (tell: 829 2216:8A/1/D2 fl Thai Van lung; mains 35,000d;lunch & dinner) Skewers spe-cialises in Mediterranean cuisine from Greece to Algeria, notably barbecued skewered meat. There's a nice atmosphere and an open kitchen so you can watch the cooks at work.
Grill 69 (Tell: 836 7936; 275H Đ Pham Ngu Lao; mains 35,000-80,000d;lunch & dinner) Sizzling barbecued meat is the name of the game at this trim and stylish, four-storey restaurant. Grilled kangaroo, ostrich and more pedestrian fare (pork, squid, beef) go nicely with the wine selections. Roof terrace.
Pau Hanna (15/1 Đ Le Thanh Ton; mains 35,000-105,000d;8.30am-midnight)This pleasant Hawaiian-owned bistro and bar features eclectic daily specials (pork ribs, quesadillas, bean soup), as well as burgers and vegetarian fare. Head upstairs for a comfier lounge setting - a good place for an evening cocktail.
Annie's Pina (Tell: 823 9044; 45 Đ Mac Thi Buoi;pizzas 40,000-70,000d; lunch & dinner) Continuing a yummy pizza tradition, Annie's offers free delivery.
ourpick Akbar All (Tell: 836 4205; 240 Đ Bui Vien; mains around 55,000d;unch & dinner) Popular with the Indian expat community, Akbar Ali serves up authentic Indian cuisine to the backdrop of a Hollywood video playing discreetly overhead. You'll also find colourful artwork on the walls and friendly service.
Santa Lucia (Tell:822 6562; 140L NguyenHue;mains 60,000-100,000d; lunch & dinner) Santa Lucia dishes up some of the best authentic Italian food in town.
Pacharan (Tell: 825 6824; 97 Đ Hai Ba Trung, lapas 75,000-90,000d;lunch & dinner) This colourful Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar is one of Saigon's trendiest spots to meet up over a drink. Tasty bites, excellent wines and a rooftop terrace have earned many expat fans. For heartier meals, try the paella (390,000d), which serves two.
Stella (Tell: 836 9220; 121 Đ Bui Vien; mains 75,000-125,000d; lunch & dinner) A newcomer to backpacker land, Stella serves delectable risotto, lasagne and gnocchi in a stylish, Zen-like trattoria. Zippy cappuccinos and espressos on hand.
Pomodoro (Tell: 823 8998; 79 ĐL Hai Ba Trung;mains 80,000-160,000d; 10am-10pm) This small Italian restaurant has an arched ceiling and an all-brick interior, a cosy setting for good pizzas, pastas, spinach tart (along with other vegie options) and tiramisu. Delivery available.
Gartenstadt (Tell: 822 3623; 34 Đ Dong Khoi; mains 125,000-160,000;10.30am-midnight) This cosy little place makes its own bread and German sausages.
Au Lac do Brasil (Tell: 820 7157; 238 Đ Pasteur;set dinner 290,000d; lunch & dinner) For a taste of Brazil head to Au Lac do Brasil. Decked out with photos of Brazilian cities and colourful Carnaval-themed paintings, this churrascaria (barbecue restaurant) serves all-you-can eat steak (and 11 other cuts of meat), just like you'll find in Rio.
Other popular backpacker cafes:
Kim Cafe (268 Đ De Tham; mains 20,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Linh Cafe ( 291 Đ Phara Ngu Lao; mains 20,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Saigon Cafe ( 195 Đ Pham Ngu Lao; mains 15,000d;breakfast, lunch & dinner)
The largest concentration of vegetarian restaurants isaround the Pham Ngu Lao area. DinhY (Tell: 836 7715; 171B Đ CongQuynh;mains 7000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) Across the road from Thai Binh Market, Dinh Y is run by a friendly Cao Dai family. It serves inex pensive and delicious vegie fare, and has an English menu. The noodle soups are savoury and satisfying.
Our pick Tin Nghia (Tell: 8212538; 9 ĐL Tran Hung Dao;7am-8.30pm; mains 8000d) Although you may feel like you're eating in a garage, the owners are strict Buddhists who turn out delicious traditional Vietnamese food, prepared with tofu, mushrooms and other vegetables.
Zen (Tell: 837 3713; 185/30 Đ Pham Ngu Lao:mains 10,000- 15,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) This casual backpackers' favourite serves cheap vegie food with a mellow, family atmosphere, On the first and 15th days of the lunar month, food stalls around the city, especially in the markets, serve vegetarian versions of meaty Vietnamese dishes. While these stalls are quick to serve, they're usually swamped on these special days. Have a little patiece, dinner's worth the wait.
Cafes, Bakeries & Ice Cream

Serenata (Tell: 930 7436; 60 Đ Ngo Thoi Thien,7.30am-10pm Mon-Sat) Down an alley, Serenata is a beautiful setting for coffee. Tables arc scattered around a lush, pond-filled courtyard and inside a charming villa. It's a popular drinking spot for couples at night with live-music some nights.
Sozo (Tell: 095 870 6580; 176 Đ Bui Vien; 3 cookies US$1; 7.30am-10pm Mon-Sat) This lovely, inviting cafe serves coffees, cinnamon rolls, homemade cookies and sandwiches; it has wi-fi access, and more importantly, trains and employs poor, disadvantaged Vietnamese.
Bobby Brewers (Tell: 610 2220; 45 Đ Bui Vien:coffee US$1-2.30; breakfast, lunch & dinner) This multi- level cafe shows free movies throughout the week. The menu features coffees, fresh juices, sandwiches, burgers and salads. Free delivery in District 1 (US$3 minimum).
Fanny (Tell: 8211633; 29-31 ĐTon That Thiep, per ice-cream scoop 6000-15,000d;breakfast, lunch & dinner) Set in an attractive French villa with a brick patio. Fanny creates excellent Franco-Vietnamese ice cream of many sublime tropical fruit flavours (try the durian or litchi). Wi-fi access.
Pat a Chou ( 65 Đ Hai Ba Trung; croissants 7500d;6.30am-9pm) Popular with locals and expats, this tiny baker)' sells delightfully fresh baguettes, pain au chocolat (pastry with chocolate) and other Francophile morsels.
Givral (Tell:, 829 2747; 169 Đ Dong Khoi; breakfast, lunch & dinner) A comfortable, central place to take in views of the Municipal Theatre over pastry (10,000d) and coffee.
Sinh Cafe ( 246-248 Đ De Tham; mains 20,000-40,000d; break. fast, lunch&dinner) Sinh has tasty fresh croissants and pain an chocolat as well as sandwiches, juices and Vietnamese fare.
Brodard Cafe (Tell:822 3966; 131 Đ Dong Khoi, mains 25,000-100,000d;breakfast, lunch & dinner) This Parisian-style oldie but goodie is known for good cafe food at OK prices.
Paris Deli (Tell: 821 6127; 65 Đ Ie loi; cap-puccino 28,00d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) T'his airy cafe serves excellent pastries in a cosy setting. Fresh flowers adorn the tables, and there's outdoor seating. Heartier European cuisine also served.
Highlands Coffee ( Lam Son Sq; smoothies 34,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) Part of the large chain, this pleasant outdoor cafe lies behind the Municipal Theatre and serves strong coffee and refreshing smoothies to the backdrop of electronic music and the surrounding traffic
Java Coffee Bar (Tell:823 0187; 38-42 Đ Dong Du; 7.30am-midnigtn) With espresso bar, excellent cafe fare and even smoothies (35,000d) made with silken tofu, Java is chic and relaxed with the comfiest chairs ever.
Ciao Cafe (Tell: 8231130; 74 Đ Nguyen Hue: snacks around 50,000; 7.30am-10pm) Set with some lovely tile floors and a lavish wood interior. this is a choice place to sip dark, rich coffee and while away the day with a good book.
DEsignED Cafe (Tell: 930 2600; 180A Đ Nam Ky Khoi Nghia; mains 45,000-90,000d;lunch & dinner) Lunching here on gourmet European and Viet namcse dishes is like dining in a museum cafe. In fact, upstairs it's an interior design gallery; if you're into Pop Art and sleek Lucite furniture, this is the place for you.
Gallery Deli (Tell:822 2312; 83 Đ Dong Khoi; 7.30am-11pm; This atmospheric cafe has colourful artwork lining the walls (all for salt") and prepares tasty snacks and light meals Internet available (US$2 per hour)
Food Stalls
Noodle soup is available all day long at street stalls everywhere. A large bowl of delicious beef noodle soup usually costs between 7000d and 15,000d. just look for the signs that say 'pho'.
Pho2000 (Tell: 8222788;1-3 Đ PhanChu Trinh;pho 20,000d; 6am-2am) Near the Ben Thanh Market, Pho 2000 is a good place to sample your first bowl of pho - former US president Bill Clinton .stopped in fora howl.
Pho Hoa (Tell: 829 7943; 260C Đ Pasteur; soup; 15.000d;breakfast, lunch & dinner) This is another popular place with foreigners in District 3. Markets always have a .side selection of food items, often on the ground floor. Clusters of food stalls can he found in Thai Binh, Ben Thanh and An Dong; Markets.
Sandwiches with a French look and a very Vietnamese taste are sold by street vendors. Fresh baguettes are stuffed with something re sembling pate (don't ask) and cucumbers sea soned with soy sauce. A sandwich costs between 5000d and 15.000d, depending on the fillings Sandwiches filled with imported French cheese cost a little more. A la carte baguettes usually, cost between 500d and 2000d.
The city's markets and street stalls arc a great place to assemble a fresh meal. If you don't feel like going anywhere, Chez Guido mains 20,000-100,000d; 9am-11pm) delivers, fast (even wines and desserts)! The menu offers a mind-boggling cornucopia ol international cuisine but specialises in Italian food. Download a menu online.
Two big supermarkets near Pham Ngu Lao are Hanoi Mart and Co-op Mart ( Đ Cong Quynh), just down the street from each other,
Other places to try:
Annam Gourmet Shop (16 Đ Hai Ba Trung: 9am-8pm) A small but well-stocked shop with imported cheeses, wines, chocolates and all the other delicacies you
won't find elsewhere.
Hong Hoa Mini-Market ( Hong Hoa Holel, 185/28 Đ Pham Ngu Lao;9am-8pm) Small but packed with toiletries, alcohol and Western junk food, such as chocolate bars.
Veggy's (15 Đ Thai Van lung; 9am 8pm) Carries a quality variety of imported foods, wine and sauces, as well as fresh produce and frozen meats.
Restaurant-hopping through Saigon's food-filled -.(reels is one of the great pleasures of the Vietnam experience, but with such an array of temptations - and never enough time - the hardest part of full-time feasting may be knowing where to begin. The following (highly subjective) list includes some of our favourite Vietnamese and foreign bites and where to find them. For more on great eating in HCMC, visit, an excellent foodie insider's guide to Saigon written by a bun cha (rice vermicelli with roasted pork and vegetables)-loving expat.
Best pho (rice-noodle soup) - Pho 24 (above)
• Best banh xeo (prawn and pork-filled pancake; Banh Xeo 46A (above)
• Best bo tung xeo (grilled beef) - Restaurant 31
• Best vegetarian - Tin Nghia
• Best Hue-style cuisine - Tib Restaurant
• Best Vietnamese haute cuisine - Temple Club
• Best street food - the 50-odd stalls of Ben Than Market
• Best Indian - a tie between Tandoor and Akbar All
• Best French - Le Bordeaux
• Best durian ice cream - Fanny
• Best setting for ca phe sua da (iced milk coffee) Serenata