Ho Chi Minh City

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information about Binh Quoi Tourist Village, a great place for kids.
Dam Sen Park
Probably the single best place in HCMC for kids, the sprawling Dam Sen Park (Tell:8587826; 3 Đ Hoa Binh; adult/child 18,000/12,000d; 7am-9pm) provides a wide variety of amusements, including paddle-boat rides around a lake lined with dragons, games, rides (a monorail courses around the park -a good way to get your bearings; there's also a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and bumper cars) and various parks and theme areas -orchid gardens, an aviary, a dinosaur park and the like. On weekends the bandstand sees a range of shows, featuring singing and dancing warriors, rabbits and hip-hop stars all under the age of 12. dishing is allowed in the lakes. There's also a water park on the grounds. Dam Sen Park is located in District 11, northwest of Cholon
Water Parks
Outside the city centre, a slew of water parks offer cool relief from the heat. Anyone with kids and a half-day to spare will quickly come to appreciate these wet playgrounds on a sweltering day. To avoid the crowds, avoid going on weekends and public holidays. Saigon Water Park (Tell: 897 0456; Đ Kha Van Can, Thu Due district; adult/child 60,000/35,000d, swim-only ticket 35,000d; (9am-5pm Mon-Sal, 9am-6prn Sun & public holidays), a giant oasis in the suburbs, lies on the hanks of the Saigon River. It's chock-full of pools and water rides, including loop-the loop slides, a children's wading pool and even a wave pool. To get here, a meter taxi costs about 60,000d; shuttle buses (every half-hour) from Ben Thanh Market cost 50.000d
Dam Sen Water Park ( 3 Đ Hoa Binh; adult/child 45,000/30,000d;(9am-6pm) is closer to central HCMC than Saigon Water Park. It has water slides, rivers with rapids (or slow currents) and rope swings for flips and fantastic belly flops.
Shark Water land (600 Đ Ham Tu, district 5; admission 20,000-'15,000d; (8am-9pm Mon-Fri, 10am-9pm Sat & Sun), despite the ominous name, is a good spot if you happen to be in Cholon. On a smaller scale than the larger water parks around HCMC;, this place still has pools and slides.
Botanic Gardens
One of the first projects undertaken by the French after they established Cochin china as a colony was to found the gardens (Thao Cam Vien; Tell: 829 3901; 2 Đ Nguyen Binh Khiem; adult/child 8000/4000d; ( 7am-10pm). Though once one of the finest such gardens in Asia, they're now merely a pleasant place for a stroll under giant tropical trees. The emphasis is on the fun fair, with kids' rides, a fun house, miniature train, house of mirrors and such. We strongly recommend against visiting the poorly kept zoo animals, which live at the usual the marginal) Vietnamese standard. Standing just inside the main zoo gate (Đ Nguyen Binh Khiem on the eastern end of ĐL Le Duan) you'll be flanked by two striking architectural gems, the impressive Temple of King Hung Vuong and the History Museum.