Mekong Delta

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Hon Chong - Rach Gia - Phu Quoc Island


There are many other islands off the coast between Rach Gia and the Cambodian border. Some locals make a living gathering swiftlet nests (the most important ingredient of that famous Chinese delicacy, bird's-nest soup), on the islands, rocky cliffs.
The beaches in this part of Vietnam face the Gulf. of Thailand. The water is incredibly warm and calm here, like a placid lake. The beaches are OK for bathing and diving but hopeless for surfing.
Mui Nai (Stag's Head Peninsula) is 8km west of Ha Tien; it supposedly resembles the head of a stag with its mouth pointing upward. On top is a lighthouse and there are sand beaches on both sides of the peninsula. Mui Nai is accessible by road from both Ha Tien and from Thach Dong Cave Pagoda (admission person/car 2000/10,000d).
There are simple restaurants overlooking the beach, and several guesthouses in the area, including Kim Ngan (Tell: 077-951661, r 150,000-200,000d; a basic place with clean rooms just steps from the beach (no view).
There's no public transport to the beach. A moto-taxi there should set you back around 10,000d.
No Beach (Bai No), lined with coconut palms, and shady Bang Beach (Bai Bang) are several kilometres west of Ha Tien and can be reached from the road to Mui Nai Beach.
Mo So Grotto
About 17km towards Rach Gia from Ha Tien, and 3km from the road, Mo So Grotto consists of three large rooms and a labyrinth of tunnels. Sadly, the local Morning Star cement factory has carted away a substantial amount of limestone and managed to cause irreparable damage to the grotto. The cave is accessible on foot during the dry season and by small boat during the wet season. Visitors should take torches (flashlights) and a local guide.
Hang Tien Grotto
About 25km towards Rach Gia from Ha Tien, Hang Tien Grotto served as a hideout for Nguyen Anh (later Emperor Gia Long) in 1784, when he was being pursued by the Tay Son Rebels. His fighters found zinc coins buried here, a discovery that gave the cave its name. Coin Grotto. Hang Tien Grotto is accessible by boat (20,000d) from the ferry terminal in Ha Tien. The trip takes about an hour.
Hon Giang Island
About 15km from Ha Tien and accessible by small boat, Hon Giang Island has a lovely, secluded beach.