The Hill Tribes

Bahnar - Dzao - Ede - H'mong - Jarai - Muong - Nung - Sedang - Tay - Thai

Where To Visit The Hill Tribes


Pop: 135,000
Origin: China
Area: Kon Turn, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen
Economy: rice, corn
Belief system: animism
Cultural characteristics: The Bahnar are believed to have migrated long ago to The Central Highlands from the coast. They are animists and worship Trees such as the banyan and ficus. The Bahnar keep their own traditional Calendar, which calls for 10 months of cultivation, with the remaining two months set aside for social and personal duties, such as marriage, weaving, ceremonies and festivals. Traditionally when babies reached one month of age, a ceremony was held in which their lobes were pierced to make them a member of the village. Those who died without such holes were believed to be taken to a land of monkeys by a black-eared goddess called Dudyai. The Bahnar are skilled woodcarvers and wear similar dress to the Jarai.